Artist: Big Atlantic
Release Date: March 24, 2017
Genre: Rock N Roll
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1. Rollin Rich
2. Battling Chains
3. Perfection
4. Dig Deep
5. Hail To The Light
6. Show Yourself
7. She's The One
8. Inside Your Head
9. This Life
10. Nattyudoo Caroline
11. Already There
12. Starting Over
13. Count Me In
About Album

TEMPERED, released March 24th, 2017. Over two years ago, when we sat down and talked about writing a new album, our conversation evolved into us reminiscing about our favorite bands and songs. We knew it would take a very long time but we wanted to sail out on a journey, an authentic album making experience and something pure beyond what we’ve done before. Not just writing songs about the thought of the experience but, taking the time to live them and write about them.

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