Artist: Big Atlantic
Release Date: January 03, 2013
Genres: Alternative, Progressive, Rock
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Album Review

Innovative and creative writing style, demonstrating a unique flare rarely heard in today's rock music scene.

- Allure Media Entertainment Group

Talent is a broad description mostly pigeon-holed into an artist's voice or musical ability. Yet it also encompasses things like stage presence, audience connection, and songwriting abilities. That's what makes Big Atlantic one of my favorite bands.

- Tim Martin - Times Standard
1. Verdict
2. Luminosity
3. Open Up
4. New Beginning
5. Change
6. Still: Waiting
7. I Don't Wanna Be Free
8. Mad House
9. Say Hello To The World
10. Elocation
11. Born In The Wind
12. Motive
About Album

Big Atlantic’s debut Motive, released on January 3rd, 2013, featured fan favorites such as Verdict, Mad House and Motive. Recorded in 2011 by members Lee Caruso Jr (lead vocals/guitar), Benjamin Hull (bassist) and Tom Gascon (drums), currently both members of Lacey Sturm, and Rob Freeman (producer), the album received much attention from radio stations and fans. Lee says, “The Motive album was very scattered with styles and lyrics. We really didn’t have a focus for the writing of it. We wanted to kind of let it creatively fly free so we just wrote what came our way and for where we were in life at that time which was, still figuring things out.” Fans compliment Motive, to be an album that has high replay value.

Big Atlantic should win some attention with this debut, Motive. Their blend of melody and technically impressive chops will satisfy fans of detail across the modern and classic rock spectrum. - JIM PRICE ROCKY 99

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