Steel City Rock N Roll Showcase

A bunch of us got together this past weekend and threw the first of many shows to come, the “Steel City Rock N Roll Showcase“. We are all super proud of this particular show. First off, there were a ton of attendees/great people, friends and musicians that are striving really hard to grow our scene in Pittsburgh. Secondly, this is more than an event, it’s a start of a movement. Besides Big Atlantic, there are a handful of people getting together and communicating behind this annual showcase to cultivate and welcome all music fans and musicians. For this particular showcase, we had Philly rockers “Holy Smoke” out to play with us, Horus Maze and Winter’s Descent. Although the smoking gun for this event was the team of media people we had covering it. This showcase is built to snowball into a greater cause. One that will become a media and networking hub for our local music scene and the bands touring through it. One of the main problems that bands run into especially in Pittsburgh is that, if you’re touring and trading shows with bands from another city or state, it can be tough to return the favor and give them the great experience that you want to give them when they are passing through your home turf. This helps accomplish that and vice versa. Pittsburgh Music Scene peeps can land tour stops and opportunities for their act in various areas. Bands that come to these events also get the tangible benefits of great live photos, videos and press write ups to help strengthen their EPK/press kits. The end game is to unite our scene in a way that we can actually make a difference and help each other with our operations. When we get enough noise happening, we want a music conference to come to Pittsburgh to help educate, build knowledge and our inner core network of the Pittsburgh Music Scene. Thanks to all who will be and are apart of this! We are very excited for the future of music in Pittsburgh!