Euler’s Metal Song

In spring of 2013, I couldn’t believe my ears!  I couldn’t believe my eyes! Did I read the numbers right?  Did I play the numbers right?  Are these really the digits of pi in base 12?  Can I really add this 200-year-old, heavily used chord progression to reveal a melodic phrase that is in short, the most beautiful lullaby I’ve ever heard?  Has this already been discovered?  Am I really the guy?  That is what I was thinking, immediately after I started looking into melodies encoded in mathematical constants. After I looked up the digits of pi base 12, I put a piece of masking tape just above the keys on my Yamaha, and mapped the digits to the keys.  It only took me a minute to realize the first 17 digits can easily make that phrase, and I wrote the final note.

Fast forward to two years later and I found that Euler’s number makes a good jazzy latin melody.  A few months after that, I started to take the same melodic and chord structure into different genres, and Euler’s Metal was born.  Of all of the Ancient Melodies, the Metal seems to be the most popular.  Many have told me, in almost the same words, “It would be perfect for a racing game, or a boss fight.”

I don’t know how long it will be until I release a longer version of the song that goes further into the digits.  I’ve spent several hours listening to the notes and trying to structure them, but have not been able to tie anything together.  I’m not giving up though, and who knows, maybe one day, you’ll hear this song when you’re fighting the giant morphing tractor trailer final boss in Gran Turismo or Forza. Haha!