The “NeverWake” Show

Last night, Lee and I were putting some work into our new website at the studio and, just like songwriting, sometimes you just have to take a minute and step away before you lose your damn mind. Lee told me that Blackey from Midnight Mob called him earlier this week and insisted that we see their friends in “NeverWake” play down at the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls in Millvale. We checked them out online and realized they were from Pittsburgh, which surprised us. The showcase also featured badass hard rock bands Resistance 13, Alter The Design, Winter’s Descent, & Silence Follows. Everyone of these bands impressed us. One of the highlights was definitely NeverWake’s metal version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. That shit kicked ass! We hung out in the green room for a bit with the bands. We instantly connected with all these guys. Jerry from Winter’s Descent recognized Lee from a show they did together four years ago, crazy small world. The show in general, fans and bands, was down to earth and had good vibes. Check these guys out at a live show. You won’t be disappointed. We really look forward to working with these guys in the future.


NeverWake performing their tune “Suffocate” from the show