Band Fun @ Dewey Beach Music Fest

I could probably write two pages worth of awesomeness on this festival. One of our favorite things to do as a band is be around or jam with other bands. When you take a trip out of state to play, this is always what makes it worth it. We really owe the opportunity to play at Dewey Beach to “Lovebettie“. They are also a rocking Pittsburgh act that everyone should check out if you haven’t already, that is from the same hometown (Latrobe/Greensburg) as us. They put their rep on the line vouching for us in which we can’t express how much we appreciate that. We also owe a special thanks to Vikki Walls who is the master mind behind this greatness. We can’t say enough about her. Most of the time, the promoter of a festival can be really hard to catch up with and sometimes even hard to talk to because they are either too busy or don’t care much to talk. It’s not really a good or bad thing and I totally get it. But Vikki, she’s on the front lines talking to EVERYONE. Hence the reason Dewey is such a great musician community. Moreover, the panels and learning experience was amazing.

When we first arrived, the whole band knew that this was going to be the best disaster weekend we’ve had in a long time. I mean on Friday morning around 9AM, Nick Quinn (plays bass for Lovebettie, used to be in a band with Jimmy and I a decade ago) and I were on our way to reserve a table at the Rudder for us to eat, and somehow ended up pounding two or three Bloody Mary’s before 10AM lol. I’ll never forget looking at him and asking, “We drinking already?” For anyone that knows Quinn and that look he gets when he’s in a “commenting” mood, he says, “You oughta get one too, it’s gonna be a long fuckin day.” Haha, he never fails to crack me up.

As the day continued, we spent the majority meeting and talking to panelists until the bands started jamming. Then the chaos began. There wasn’t a bad band at this festival. There is a huge list of bands we met, saw perform and partied with, Midnight Mob, Audio Impulse, Dead Rocking Horse, Kid Felix, Soraia, June Divided, Nicoletta, Joey DiTullio, John Faye, The Steppin Stones, Face The King, J and the 9’s and A LOT more. Check all those ones out. There’s a little something in there for all music lovers. By the time the last band got done playing on Friday around 1AM, the night finally began and we started making our rounds throughout the entire Dewey area in packs of 10-15 people hitting up house parties until 5-6AM lol. It was nothing but jams and good clean fun. The hard part was going to bed at daylight and waking up two hours later. Of course, I lost my voice after the first night along with EVERY singer attending. Thanks to Blackey, I met her when I was sleeping in my hotel room with the door open and the band walked in with this goof that ended up nursing my vocals back to health for three hours before her show and ours. She is now “Dr. Blackey”. I can say, after this festival, I now know why some of these bands told me before hand not to book the week after. We were all literally the walking dead. CT from Lovebettie was right, this is one of the most unique and greatest festivals I’ve ever been to.


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